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Legislative Priorities

  • Pro Life
  • Pro 2nd Amendment
  • Increase Roads and Bridges Transportation Funding and 3-Lane Expansion of I-94
  • Equity in Education Funding and Choice in Education
  • Tax Cuts for Families and Businesses
  • Lower Healthcare Costs Through Free Market Health Care Solutions
  • Stop Wasteful Spending
  • Protect Individual Liberty
  • Limited Government and States' Rights


Results-Oriented Experience

  • Business Leader as a Small Business Owner
  • Church Leader
  • Education Leader as a former College Instructor
  • Community Leader as a former City Council Member

"I care about people and have spent my entire adult life working hard to give back.  As current State Representative I'm working hard to improve our community.  As a small business owner in property management I work to improve people's lives.  As a church leader I help mentor people.  As a former college instructor I helped young people achieve their life goals.

I have the most diverse experience in areas people care most about including education, housing, business/jobs, and cyber security privacy."

-Eric Lucero

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