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Legislative Priorities

  • Protect Individual Liberty
  • Promote Job Creation and Economic Growth
  • Increase Funding for Roads, Bridges, and I-94 Expansion
  • Ensure High Quality Education, School Choice, and Equity in Education Funding
  • Reduce Taxes and Stop Wasteful Spending
  • Limit Government and Protect State's Rights
  • Free Market Health Care Solutions
  • Pro 2nd Amendment
  • Pro Family
  • Pro Life


Results-Oriented Experience

  • Business Leader as a Small Business Owner
  • Church Leader
  • Education Leader as a former College Instructor
  • Community Leader as a former City Council Member

"I care about people and have spent my entire adult life working hard to give back. As a college instructor I help young people achieve their life goals. As a City Council Member I focus on improving the community. As a small business owner in property management I work to improve people's lives. As a church leader I help mentor people.

As a candidate, I have the most diverse experience in areas people care most about including education, housing, business/jobs, and Internet privacy."

-Eric Lucero

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